Call to Action: Fund Medical Assistance Reform

Please take a couple of minutes to visit the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance website and send an e-mail to the Governor and to key MN legislators. The action is in support of increasing Medical Assistance spend down and asset limits for adults who have experienced a health crisis and/or disability and now need MA eligibility to become eligible for PCA, ILS, home and community waivers, etc. Thank you for taking action on this important issue!

Please take action to Minnesota’s Budget Forecast came out last week and the State is looking at a nearly $2 billion surplus.

Now is the time to ask your legislators to invest a small portion of the budget surplus in Medical Assistance Reform.  Our current economic situation provides tremendous opportunities to increase the MA spend down and asset standards so more people can afford to live healthy stable lives in their community.

Take action now to contact your Senator, Representative and the Governor to insist that MA Reform become a top budget priority for Minnesota in 2016.

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